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The StressChecker helps you to develop a lifestyle full of vitality with a regular focus on relaxation.

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App with Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod (iOS 8.0 or higher). Provides insight into how your approach to life and work affects your stress level and vitality. Helps to develop a more relaxing lifestyle.

$ 94.95 Product view


Windows software with USB heart rate monitor. Compatible with Windows PCs with Windows 7 and above, and with Windows 8 & 10 tablets. The software teaches you what you can cope with, both physically and mentally. Enables you to experiment to explore how relaxation activities, relaxation techniques and sports training sessions really affect you.

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StressChecker Pro

Offers the same functionality as the StressChecker for consumers. This gives your clients or patients better insight into how your support improves their resilience to stress. It protects athletes from overtraining and undertraining. Capacity for an unlimited number of client profiles.

$ 119.50   Product view

You are more creative when you are relaxed.

In your life

Perhaps, like many others, you have experienced that dealing with yourself, your relationships and your work can be very inspiring. But also confrontational, often problematic and stressful.

You are therefore keen to develop your own personal lifestyle, full of vitality, that takes account of these busy and confusing times.

What can the StressChecker offer you?

* You gain daily insight into your level of stress and vitality.

* The iStressChecker also enables you to record your day-to-day living habits and how much social and work-related stress you feel under.

* You can evaluate whether making changes in your living habits and/or in your social or professional life has the desired effect.

* Based on biofeedback, you can assess the effectiveness of relaxation techniques.

* You can also us the StressChecker as a tool to optimise fitness training

In your practice

60-90 percent of all visits to doctors and psychologists are related to some form of stress (source: Harvard Researchers, USA).

Over 75 percent of all modern-day diseases are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle (source: World Health Organization).

You are a healthcare professional or sports/fitness trainer who is interested in achieving the best possible results with their clients/patients/athletes.

What can the StressChecker offer you as a professional?

* A tool to aid discussion of stress with your clients/patients.

* A tool for learning relaxation techniques.

* A tool for assessing the ability to recover/physical and mental limits.

* Objective proof of the positive effects of your support.

In your organization

More and more employees are faced with stress and burn-out. The increasing number of people represents both a major social and economic issue.

The vitality of your organization is essential in order to achieve the company objectives. Employees with a healthy approach to living and working make all the difference.

What can the StressChecker offer your organization?

* A cost-effective tool to support programs promoting employee health and vitality.

* Position yourself as a forward-thinking employer in terms of your concern for employee well-being.